Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Alphabet Tights by Henry Holland

  Hi guys,

I was surfing the net a few minutes ago because I am looking for new tights. I stubled upon a website called and I saw that they have a blog, so I thought let’s take a look. You know we all like blogs now.

The front page showed that chick from the Kardashian’s wearing Alphabet Tights. Oh my god! I am in awe of these tights. Not because that chick in particular is wearing them but because I can’t believe these tights exist. It is a simple idea, letters on plain black tights.

Through investigation these tights are by Henry Holland aptly called Alphabet Tights. I love these, eBay are currently showing them for: Bidding £6.00 up & Buy it now £10.00, £16.00?

I will be searching for these at a more reasonable price. Will let you know if I find some. I will try my hardest not to financially cave in.

Wish me luck

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