Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Peacocks print cardigan

Hi guys,

As I am writing this post I am eating Chinese, I have spring rolls, hot and sour soup and shredded beef with rice. All I can say is ummm this is good. 

Sorry. Anyways, the lovely ladies store Peacocks currently have a 40% discount for friends and family and my loving partner gave me some vouchers, thank you. I have my eye on a few things but you know me I couldnt wait and I already purchased the above print cardigan on Saturday and I had to wear it today because I am in love with it. 

I was drawn to the cardigan mainly because of the print. I like nearly all animal prints however this cardigan stood out because of it's warm undertone. Its not the bog standard yellow animal print. The good thing is it can make a simple black outfit look ten times better. Take today's outfit for example it's all black everthing. Thank god for the cardigan or should I say thank Peacocks for the cardigan.

Bargain buy once again.


Cash scoop print cardigan £16.00 - 40% = £6.40

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  1. I love your cardigan, really amazing. The pattern is really cool.

    Can you follow me on please. If they want to get ride of GFC, I don't want to loose you as a reader. Thank you so much.