Friday, 13 January 2012

Girl put your jacket on


Woohoo its Friday. Today I was loving my outfit. Do you ever get those days? 

When writing this post I noticed that I have not got one post with me wearing a jacket. Believe me I have far to many jackets and blazers but I haven't even shown one of them. Hmmm

That's until now. This is my only and favourite leather jacket. I brought it probably 6, 7 years ago from Topshop. I think I paid £100 for it. Yes! I did use to spend a lot of money on clothes but that's gone right out the window now. (Ok, ok so it depends on the item).

I'm rocking my sparkly jumper, white shirt and red hot jeans even though they look orange in the last pic. I also rocked the leathers to toughen up the look. What do you think?