Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Wipe the slate clean



Evening guys,

So you read the post title and your thinking what does she mean? Let me tell you. Last night my Blackberry decided to die on me. I saw what you call the white screen of death. My phone would not do anything apart from torment me with the white screen. The word 'RESET' was the only thing that was showing. So I pressed reset, the phone didn't reset. I could have screamed, I asked God Why, it was getting very emotional.

My phone was wiped clean, no numbers no BB pins (angry and sad face). That will teach me not to back up my numbers. So what does Charmaine do when the tough gets going? What else, shop! Whilst downloading new software for the phone I went on eBay and I thought its 2012 let get something fabulous. I sure did that.

My eyes were drawn to this Khaki, fleece mini dress. Ooh I can see me now dancing and singing, shocking and jiving. Maybe, wiping the slate clean is not a bad thing.


Fleece mini dress = £8.99

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