Friday, 10 February 2012

Things always get's better

Hi guys,

You will not believe what happened to me yesterday, heres the story: 

I was off work so I decided to go to H&M in the afternoon to try and get a Trilby hat. I got in my car put the key in the ignition then the car started to make a funny noise. It was struggling to turn on. I was like noooo! I tried again and it just wasn't turning on. My mind said it was the battery, I have been told to change it but I thought it would be alright, obviously not.

I started to panic. No one was at home to help, my uncle wasn't anywhere near, my partner was at work, my dad wasn't around, you get my point. I ran back inside the house called mum crying, she said she's on the way (oh mum doesn't drive, cant drive so I dont know what mum was going to do lol). I called mates but no one had a jump lead at hand. I then called my local car repairer, Quick Fit, told them I think the battery is dead they gave me a quote and I said thats fine how do I get my car to you? They said you need a jump start. If you can get someone to jump start the car and get it here we can sort it for you.

I put the phone down and I ran outside knocked frantically on everydoor on my road. No one had a jump lead and I think my neighbours wife thinks I like her husband.

Anyways I then went further up the road and randomly stopped every man walking and asked can you jump start a car? They looked at me like I was a criminal lol. I ran to my local shops because I always see young boys hanging outside. I'm sure one of them knows how to jump start a car illegally. Was anyone there? Noooooo! The one time their not hanging around I need them.

I then went to all my local shops and no one could help. At this point I was gonna break down. I walked back and saw some guys on a building site. I ran over and asked them they said ask in the office. So I did just that and sweet Jesus the receptionist was so lovely she called on of the guys and he had a jump lead. Yes.

He drove me round to my car and he got it started. At this point I see mum walking, laughing and joking with my neighbour I could of screamed. Anyways just for that I dragged mum with me to the car shop, mum wasn't happy lol

Anyhow my baby got sorted and I dropped mum off and went H&M in the end. I got the above hat and leather effect skirt. I thought I deserved it after the day I had dont you?

Woven hat = £7.99


Leather effect skirt = £7.00


  1. Wow what a seriously hectic day! Haha you really deserved to go shopping! Would you like to follow each other via google? Let me know!


  2. Lovely outfit!
    I'm following you, I like to discover news blogs, follow me back?

  3. I hate when the car gets all jammed up! It scares me too! hehe, well at least you found amazing pieces to compromise for the hectic morning~ That's the cutest hat! Ive always wanted one, but can't find one that fits my hair :( Great blog! xx