Saturday, 24 March 2012

I heart T-shirts

Select - Cupid T-shirt


How is everyone? Today has been an interesting day for me. I was out and about just running some errands and I wanted to return something from Primark. Guys the return in Primark was an absolute headache. Basically I was at the customer service desk for half an hour arguing with the sales assistant, questionable assistant manager and the supposed manager.

It ended up with me getting the managers name and the customer service address. I have written my complaint letter but I have decided to try another Primark store on Monday just to see if I get the same response. If so I will be posting my complaint letter ASAP.

Ok breathe Char, breathe. After my hell in Primark I found heaven in the store Select. I know Select of all places. I brought the above T-shirt for £5.00. It is so adorable, I'm planing to wear it on Monday with some leggings. 

Wohoo! Bring on Monday.