Monday, 19 March 2012

I need some more colour

Primark - jumper, Primark - leggings, Primark - pumps


Whilst labeling the pics for this post I realised I'm in Primark from head to toe. Damn I really like Primark.

Today the weather was ok, so I thought I could get away with wearing leggings and a jumper. Well I sort of did except for when it was time to leave work and go home. I'm on the late shift and it was a little chilly.

Anywhoo I decided to rock my new adorable red jumper that I got on the weekend. I loooove the balls on the jumper, too cute. It was a instant buy. I now have an obsession with bold colours, I actually picked up some colourful leggings from Primark to.

I will be wearing them in the next few days. I just need a long enough top to wear with them. I'm a little conscious about wearing a short top and leggings I feel like my bum is out. Ladies do you feel like that too?


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