Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sunshine Saturday? NOT!

eBay - Shawl, Topshop - Top, River Island - Jeans, Primark - Pumps 

Hi guys,

Firstly where has the sun gone? It has got cold again what the f***? Yesterday I brought some royal blue summer shorts and the above top thinking yep, I can wear them soon. Er no Char think again. 

Anyways last night I decided to wear the shorts I brought and the above top for a girls night out. That didn't really go to plan. So what does a girl do in that situation? You find any excuse to wear the item again duh. I decided to wear the top today with some jeans. Talking about jeans I need a new pair.

I made my boring outfit a bit edgy with my skull shawl I had to do something to the outfit to make me feel better. If I'm not in shorts and a top, I'm lost.

Anyway's I'm off gotta get some 'ish sorted. Enjoy your night. 


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