Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Chill - Maybe not chilled

Primark - Flower dress

Hi guys,

It's that time again Sunday chill. Ok, ok technically its Easter Sunday and I feel like this day needs a celebration of some sort. 

My plan is to go to my dads where there will be fun, laughter and FOOD. After that I will be heading out to shake my leg in my newly purchased flower dress.

I have been eyeing up all sorts of flower printed shirts, dresses, leggings you name it. When I came across this dress I got excited. It is quite a tight fitting dress. As we all know Primark's clothes are not the usual fit. I first saw the last size 8 hanging up and I thought result. I power walked to the changing room put the dress over my head and one arm went in. Yeah that was the end of that it didn't fit. I was gutted there were no other sizes.

I walked out the changing room disappointed. As I walked back over to where I saw the dress low and behold they just put out all sizes. I quickly picked up a size 10 and 12 just in case. The 10 fit just right and thats the end of that.

Have a great  Easter guys.



  1. wow!!! so chic dress!! you look amazing:D

  2. Better and Better ideas and style.

    1. Ah that's sweet u know I gotta bring my A game lol.

  3. You look Wonderful !!