Saturday, 19 May 2012

Black Pearl equals upgrade

Dress - Primark, - Belt - H&M - Wedges - Barrats, Bracelet - eBay


So guys as you know yesterday I got my new car, Blaque Pearl. She is so adorable and yes I know I'm talking about her like shes my child  but in a way she is.

I was driving around all day doing errands so it gave me a chance to get a feel of the car and yes I stalled probably 5 or 6 times, annoying but I am getting better. I swear a brand new car just gives you this mad energy. 

Anyways it was my mates Bday celebration last night and me and Blaque Pearl got our ish looking right. I decided to go sexy smart Blaque Pearl decided to go Brand New. (I really make myself laugh).

I picked this dress up today from Primark, surprise, suprise. I teamed it with a bow highwaisted belt. The bloody belt got on my nerves I had to make a new hole in the belt because well I couldnt breath with the way it was. Now the belt drops down sometimes as you can see in the pic. Oh well guess its back to not breathing.

I have had the best few weeks recently. I will be keeping my spirits up. Whats that saying you get back what you put out there. 

Bye beautiful


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