Thursday, 10 May 2012

Current obsession

eBay seller - Price BYD

eBay seller - zhaohaoting

Hi guys,

Well, it is still crappy in the UK, the rain is pouring down and the cold is keeping me indoors. When I'm indoors I always end up browsing eBay.

I thought I'd share with you all my current obsession with long maxi dresses with dipped backs. All of sudden I have just been coming across these everywhere. I find them sooo sexy. I have come across two on eBay that fit my criteria. 1: Long (lol), 2: Tight (lol) 3: Sexy (lol). 

Both of the above are plain but that's ok, thats what jewllery is for. The dip at the back, I repeat the dip at the back, oooh takes it up a notch. I have to admit I perfer the second dress just because it has that extra split that goes up the leg.  

(Sigh) I just cannot wait until pay day. My fingers are so close to just selecting buy now but I will resist, (hopefully). 

Which one do you prefer?


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