Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I got chills

eBay - Scarf, Primark - vest top, New look, Jeans, Barratts - wedges

Evening, evening,

Yes I have chills. Why? Because pay day is around the corner and sample sale is coming up. Ok so technically its next week but it feels like it's tomorrow. I am a addict to clothes you just can never have enough. Too many clothes but not enough bodies.

I have been thinking recently and I have decided to set myself a challenge of actually wearing everything (where appropriate) in my wardrobe. How many times can you say you have worn everything in your wardrobe? Probably not many. 

Today I sort of put that challenge to use by wearing my adorable wedges that I brought how many years ago from Barratts. These babies are soooo cute I don't ever want to throw them away. As we don't have much sun in the England they hardly see the light of day. Today they deserved some shine.

I couldn't imagine teaming my skinnies with any other wedge. Oh god I've just realized, I'm going to have to wear the heels that are stashed away under my bed if I'm to wear everything in my wardrobe. Might need to re-think this challenge lol


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