Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I should open my own clothes store

Hobbs - Bird blouse, NW3 - Shorts, Primark - metal pumps

Hey guys,

So today was a weird day. Before I left work I asked my mother to take a pic for my blog, as you do. Surprisingly there was no hesitance from here. Anyways as I went back into the house and into the kitchen I saw a lady looking through our bins. Talk about random, what the hell was she looking for? Believe me there aint nothing in my bin but crap.

Anyways so when I went to work I was chit chatting away to my colleagues about the recent sample sale I went to and how much stuff I got. My manger replied ''Charmaine you should open your own shop''. Funnily enough my mother, uncle and partner have all mentioned that. The only thing is I think I would keep all the stock to myself so I don't really know how that would work. I just love clothes. Clothes make me happy it's hard to explain but they really do.

The above ensemble was picked up from a Hobbs sample sale and I freaking love it. The top is my absolute favourite. The bird print sent me cuckoo when I first saw it.

You know maybe opening a clothes store isn't a bad idea. Hmmmmm!!


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