Thursday, 16 August 2012

When is it my time?

NW3 Wells Shift Dress,


First thing I want to say is I am tired. Boy these early morning shifts are killing and I am glad I am off work tomorrow. The bags under my eyes are saying hi to everyone lol. Not cute.

So anyways today a friend told me she had a job interview Monday and they would let her know by Thursday if she has a second interview. Well she got a call today and they said forget the second interview were going to offer you the job. I was ecstatic for her I jumped up gave her the biggest hug and said I am so proud of you.

But I couldn't help thinking when is it going to be my turn. I know jobs are out there but it sure is hard getting them I have never looked for this long. Sometimes I feel like screaming Ahhhhhhh!!!! Well anyways I wont give up because its not in my nature.

Right back to the topic at hand CLOTHES. That sure does make me happy. Today I wore my NW3 Wells Shift dress I picked it up in the sample sale for £10. It comes with a belt but I just took it off it was bothering me. NW3 as a collection is real fitted so its always best going up a size. This dress is a size 8 I should have got a size 10. I think that every time I struggle to take it off.

Right all I'm off, my bed is crying out for me.


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