Saturday, 22 September 2012

I got my Ted

H&M - jumper, H&M - Jeans, Primark - pumps, Ted Baker - bag 

Hey guys,

So here's a long overdue up to date post. After all the ish that's been happening this week I had to go and treat myself and get my Ted. I have been eyeing this bag FOREVER!!!!! 

Today I had to treat myself, I have been walking past the House of Fraser store in Central London and this bag just keeps looking at me.  So I finally went in and made my purchase, I only paid £40.00 for the bag being that its Ted Baker that's an absolute bargain. I will be using the shit out of this bag. Woop woop.

Oh yeah H&M have soooo much sale going on and you know when I see sale I literally run in. I got this adorable jumper for £7. The colour got my attention straight away. I have so much to show you guys but its just about getting round to it.

My wardrobe is ridiculous but I cant help stop picking up bargains so you know I will always have something new.

Anyways I'm outtie heading to dads for some gooood food. 


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