Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sample sale'd out


Wow I am all sample sale'd out just like my post title says. So sample sale was Friday and boy was it busy women and discount shopping equals mayhem. Dresses coming off as quick as they get thrown on. Attitudes are rife and it's everyman or woman in this case for themselves.

As usual I did good for myself. I got simple knitwear and casual tops you can never have enough of that right? I then got some very nice smart dresses great for work, couple hot blazers oh yeah and some shoes. With my allowance I only spent 25 at the sample sale. Gooooo me.

You know I will be uploading as I wear them. I actually decided to wear one of my buys today for work. Smart navy dress with a split at the front. It is too cute.

Tomorrow I'm going to a comedy show so I'm planning to wear another little hobbs number and one of my shoes. I'm excited already.

Anyways I'm outtie.

Hobbs dress - Primark shoes, Hobbs bracelet

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