Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday chill - Relax, don't do it

Hi guys,

Wow what a weekend. I have been rushing around trying to get to places on time. All I want to do now is chill.

So yesterday I went to a friends blessing for her baby. I literally rushed from work to my house to get changed and then go. Then I had to leave after an hour because I had to rush to go home and get changed again for a convention.

I swear all this rushing around is not good for my body. Anyways I wanted to show you the dress I wore to the convention but brandy, ginger ale and courvoisier prevented me from taking any decent pics.

The only decent pic that I could muster up was one of my head looool. You can see the print in the dress but don't worry I put up a full pic of the dress. Its the Hobbs Betsy dress, sexy little leopard number.

Well, I'm off, got to work out what errands need to be done next week.


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